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The melody was originally for a song called "The Heart is Slow to Learn" which was intended for a Phantom sequel in the late 90's. Kiri Te Kanawa premiered the song at his 50th Birthday concert in April, 1998 and it is probably somewhere on YouTube.

At that time the sequel was just an idea and seemed to be going nowhere despite a promising draft from Frederick Forsythe. This went nowhere though Forsythe turned his draft into a novel (which was far superior to the LOVE NEVER DIES plot which bears similarities).

Fast forward to 2000 and the idea of the Phantom sequel appears to be dead while ALWs attention turns to writing THE BEAUTIFUL GAME. With the Phantom sequel project not happening, he repurposes that melody at "Our Kind of Love" for his new show.

Eventually, as we all know, a Phantom sequel did eventually occur a decade later and ALW said he wanted to rightfully restore that melody to the show it was always intended for. He was very vocal about the fact that this was not a new melody but one that had been used before.

As mentioned in other threads, this is nothing new as other composers have done the same and it is certainly not the only time ALW has borrowed one of his own melodies for more than one project: "Memory" was initially a song called "One Star" and written for a very early draft of SUNSET BLVD in the late 1970's. A fair number of melodies from ASPECTS OF LOVE were repurposed from the CRICKET musical he wrote with Tim Rice as a gift for the Queen. Ditto for bits of THE LIKES OF US which ended up in JOSEPH and a few songs in JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR were originally meant to be pop singles: "I Don't Know How To Love Him" was a cheesy ballad called "Kansas Morning".

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