re: The Laura Osnes I Know
Posted by: Sam890 06:22 am EDT 08/18/21
In reply to: The Laura Osnes I Know - claploudly 03:07 pm EDT 08/17/21

I understand the cognitive dissonance you may be experiencing here. You had a lovely experience with Ms Osnes and perhaps struggle to see how that experience matches up with the incredibly selfish behavior she is now showing. I get it - you want to cling to your impression of the lovely Laura you shared a special occasion with. It doesn't change the willfully selfish way she has behaved in this situation. As has been repeatedly pointed out, she is ok with endangering the lives of others. A rhinestone tiara is not going to cure a child if she passes covid on to them. If she wants to endanger herself - that's up to her - but it is not ok to put the lives of others at risk, no matter how pretty her voice is, or how many rhinestone tiaras she hands out.

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