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This isn’t a political debate – This isn’t like those people who saw Chad Kimball posting things in defense of Trump and vaguely posting about “civil liberties” with regard to not wanting to wear a mask to sing in church or whatever it was a year and a half ago, and then hoping or surmising (quite correctly, as it turned out) that he would not be welcomed back to “Come From Away”. This is about common sense, a major health crisis, and the very decency, morality, & values that Osnes as a proud Christian woman (and role model to many young fans) would probably claim she tries to embody and live by.

So what is similarly not open to debate is that she simply WILL NOT work on Broadway again until she changes her mind and gets vaccinated… or unless enough time goes by that vaccines no longer matter.
But the latter choice seems like it’s years away, and every day that goes by without her making the former, rational, & responsible choice makes it less likely that anyone will want to work with her regardless, now or later, and for even more serious and important reasons than what has apparently stalled Kimball’s career.

These are all facts, plain and simple. And the observation that’s she made a young girl’s day 10 years ago (just as I’m sure she was nice to many others) doesn’t mitigate the anger concerning the issue at hand or the disappointment and frustration in her current position one bit, any more than those of us objectively pointing out the unmistakable truth that she is being (at best) dangerously irresponsible now means that we are filled with “hate” or “vitriol” or some amorphous lack of “kindness”.

As a leading ingenue in her field, she undoubtedly has been a hero to many young women in the last decade. That’s what makes her insistence on “standing by [her] decision” to not get vaccinated in the face of rising case numbers and dwindling ICU beds seem so appallingly, unforgivably selfish, as it proves that whatever generosity of spirit she may have shown in the past, today she is simply not concerned at all with the common good. (I should add, if her version of events matched up with reality, that she didn’t mislead anyone about her vaccination status and that her withdrawal from the production was “drama-free”, some of her “Crazy for You” castmates and colleagues would assuredly be coming forward to back up that dubious claim.) And this position of hers, I can say with much more certainty than any conjecture about Chad Kimball a year ago, will haunt her forever, and has already severely damaged her career, very possibly beyond repair.

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