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I've enjoyed reading your brilliant & sensitive posts over the years, Bill. We all love theater so very much.
Personally, I think the frustration with Osnes comes from the fact that her position directly threatens the very lives of those who make Broadway come alive in the first place.
I guess I understand getting angry over that. The fact is, the unvaccinated directly threaten the lives of everyone on the planet. That isn't hyperbole, it's science.
It seems to me that if we love this incredible art form, if we love life, we should be willing to stand up for it.
These are things worth fighting for.
Does it mean we have to act like hyenas? Obviously, no.
I am devastated that over 600K Americans are dead, including many theater artists.
Now, it's lovely to talk about our collective passion, theater. That's why we're all here. But right now, there really is no theater and the only way to change that, collectively, positively, communally, is to get vaccinated.
I pray we can all get back to speaking about Broadway ASAP. But that understandably might have to be put on the back burner until we can insure that people don't die.
And may I say, if you choose not to return to the board it will surely be our loss. Peace.

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