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Yes, ALW has discussed the evolution and use of the song. Let’s see if I can recap it.

In 1990 or so, ALW considered a POTO sequel. The first version of the song was written in these early stages, but was known as “The Heart Is Slow To Learn.” Frederick Forsyth wrote his novel about the Coney Island Phantom, and then things stalled. The song was recorded, I think at some benefit concerts, by Kiri Te Kanawa and also Elaine Paige.

With POTO II shelved, in 2000, ALW stuck the song in THE BEAUTIFUL GAME as “Our Kind of Love,” but he says he never thought it fit with the rest of the score.

Then he went off and did THE WOMAN IN WHITE, and the song wasn’t used there at all. I think. :)

In 2008-9, ALW removed the song from THE BOYS IN THE PHOTOGRAPH, the revised and renamed version of THE BEAUTIFUL GAME.

This was probably both because he never felt it fit in the football story and because he was gearing up for 2010’s LOVE NEVER DIES…and the song was restored for the scenario for which it was originally written.

So while I think one can rightly accuse ALW of snitching other people’s melodies for his own stuff, I’ll cut him some slack here. He first intended the song for the place it ultimately ended up; it’s only if you were a fan of original THE BEAUTIFUL GAME (which I actually like much more than LND— but then the list of shows I despise more than LND is pretty damn short). But as it stands now, it’s not in the licensed BOYS IN THE PHOTOGRAPH, and I don’t believe you can stage the original TBG.


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