re: Thank you!!!
Posted by: ryhog 04:51 pm EDT 08/18/21
In reply to: re: Thank you!!! - jgerard 11:43 am EDT 08/18/21

Earlier today I also read a forest fire related analogy that I thought was interesting. Not getting vaccinated is like leaving a burning ember. One might think that it won't be a big deal because the wind is blowing away from the forest. But the wind shifts and devastation we can't control follows. With Covid, that shifting wind is what brought Delta, and what will bring Lambda. Osnes and her band of Satans are fueling the fire and as we have sadly learned from the fires, we can't fool mother nature.

To those who say let's move on and let this "kind" woman have her greed. We can't: this is existential; if she gets her way, we lose the theatre.

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