I have no reason to think you will correctly process this information but...
Posted by: ryhog 03:02 pm EDT 08/19/21
In reply to: re: by your logic - Teacher64 10:33 am EDT 08/19/21

the covid vaccines are not considered experimental. There are no experiments underway (except as to the new uses such as kids under 12, booster shots, new variants, etc.) The meme of the QAnon crowd that you are pushing misapprehends the nature of the procedures that are required of federal agencies like the FDA before final approval. The purpose of these procedures is to provide everyone notice and an opportunity to be heard, not to provide time for additional experimentation.

PS There is also not a computer chip in the vaccine. I'm surprised that you did not try to sell that BS as well.

"Better be unborn than untaught, for ignorance is the root of misfortune." ---Plato

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