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As a record producer, Steinman also had several artists re-record songs he's already written and produced for a different artist. I think he was fantastic, but sometimes I feel like he only wrote about 20 songs and just kept having different artists do them until they became a hit. Barbra Streisand, Taylor Dayne, Celine Dion, and Barry Manilow all hit the charts with songs that Steinman had originally written and produced with another artist.

Another recycler who is primarily known for pop is Dave Stewart of Eurythmics, who was one of the songwriters for Ghost: The Musical. His song, "Taking Chances," which he originally had his own group, Platinum Weird, record before it became the title track of a Celine Dion album, borrows from "Here Comes the Rain Again," a big hit by Eurythmics.

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