"The Seagull" (2001) - Any experiences waiting for tickets?
Posted by: YessicaHaircut 04:30 pm EDT 08/20/21

As part of research for a play I'm writing, I am reaching out to ask this forum: Did anyone here wait in line for the Public Theatre’s star-studded 2001 production of "The Seagull"?

I was only 8 when the production was staged and wasn’t really following theatre then. It’s been pretty well-documented that this production was in high demand; with people often waiting up to 15 hours (maybe even longer) for a chance at getting a ticket or two, this and "The Producers" seemed to be the hottest show in NYC at the time. I’ve found some information about waiting for tickets, ranging from a personal blog, to a Theatremania article, to two different articles about a dead body being discovered near the line at some point during the run. I recently asked this same question on BroadwayWorld and am now reaching out here to gain any further knowledge.

If anyone reading this got to experience the line for themselves, would you be willing to share your experience? Roughly what time did you arrive at the line? Roughly how long did you wait for tickets? Of course any other details you can remember (i.e., How did you pass the time?) would be helpful too.

Any and all stories are welcome and much appreciated.

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