Favorite Off-Broadway Actors***
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***I know there isn't actually such thing as an "Off-Broadway Actor" - there's just actors, many of whom work Off-Broadway, and sometimes other place. But I feel like people always talk about their favorite "Broadway Actors" and rarely talk about the people who primarily make their career Off-Broadway, and consistently put out strong work - especially at the non-profits. I'm not trying to pigeonhole anyone - many of these actors have done Broadway, and will surely do Broadway again, as well as regional stuff. I just want recognize some of the great acting work that happens in NY outside of Broadway!

Anyway, who are some of your favorites? Here are just a few of mine, in no particular order:

-Adina Verson (The Lucky Ones, Collective Rage, Indecent, and more!)

-Megan Hill (Do You Feel Anger, Eddie and Dave, Open)

-Zainab Jah (Eclipsed, Venus, School Girls, Boesman & Lena, etc.)

-James Seol (KPOP, Naatco's Henry VI, and i also saw him in Vietgone in San Francisco)

-Peter Friedman (The Treasurer, Beast in the Jungle, The Public's Hamlet)

-Ato Blankson-Wood (now a well-deserved Tony Nominee for Slave Play, but has been doing great work Off-Broadway for years)

-Quincy Tyler Bernstine (Marys Secole, Halfway Bitches, Small Mouth Sounds, many more!)

-Becca Blackwell (Promenade, Is this a room, Hurricane Diane)

-Kara Young (Halfway Bitches, All the Natalie Portmans)

Plus many of the Bedlam alums - Susannah Millonzi, Vaishnavi Sharma, Kate Hammill, Jason O'Connell

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