re: Why isn't Oliver! ever revived?
Posted by: Chromolume 05:06 pm EDT 08/21/21
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From the point of view of someone who's music directed the show a few times, I think it's a decent but flawed show. It strives to be a little too "happy music hall" when the story is really very bleak - though I've seen/done productions that have been able to balance the dark and the light in effective ways. Speaking as a musician, there may be nothing as boring as the original orchestrations (relying too heavily on repeated phrases instead of creating variety and build as any great orchestrator would/should), but the new orchestrations/arrangements for the Mackintosh version (now available from MTI) are quite wonderful and appreciably more dramatic. And the brand new incidental music is also miles better.

And indeed, the thing is, that it really is much more of an adult show than a "family" show - but since it has kids in it, it automatically becomes the latter. And it seems to have become a "Christmas" show in a lot of respects, which I guess is due to the Dickensian connection. It's always fun trying to explain to the kid playing Dodger what the line "lovely ba----lmy wather we're having" means lol. :-)

The indisputable fact, though, is, that it remains an incredibly popular title, and so no matter what anyone may think of the show, it will surely always be around.

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