Nothing about this will be legend.
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There’s a reason the Rolling Stone headline is “All-Star Concert Becomes Pandemic Metaphor” and the CNN headline is “New York Concert to Celebrate Covid Progress Canceled” – it’s all just way too soon. (It’s also a strange disconnect that on CNN.com - the website of the very network that was scheduled to broadcast the canceled concert celebrating the return on New York and the end of the pandemic - Sanjay Gupta wrote a piece yesterday about “how to head into our second fall with the coronavirus”.)

With even outdoor events– concerts, parades, marathons- being cancelled well into the fall, with several NY and regional shows scheduled for October or November already canceled, with movies being reshuffled or sold off up till (at least) the holidays, with children and tourists almost entirely guaranteed not to return to Broadway in large numbers until 2022, and with hardly any shows having sold a significant number of tickets thus far, this fall is going to be a bloodbath in the theater industry.

Even before the concert got cut short yesterday there was a palpable anxiety in the crowd – a sense of “is this safe?”, “is it okay this is happening?” and “should we even be here?” And that’s for an outdoor event in August, not an enclosed indoor play in November at the height of flu season and before most Americans have had their booster shots (and some are still refusing to be vaccinated at all).

I hate to say it and never thought we’d be here, but you were right all along, ryhog - - - theater is moving way too fast, and a lot of NY shows opening or reopening in the next couple of months are going to lose their shirts. Heartbreaking. But I can admit when I’m wrong, and the writing is on the wall.

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