re: Nothing about this will be legend.
Posted by: ryhog 11:58 am EDT 08/22/21
In reply to: Nothing about this will be legend. - ShowGoer 04:08 am EDT 08/22/21

I was referring to Anderson Cooper's broadcast and what came together in that time that was, in some respects, legendary. I do not sense the trepidation in the park - were you there or are you just relying on someone's snippets? I was not there but I have been to Merry Wives - twice - and did not sense that. Ditto for Pass Over. What I am reading and sensing is that people feel safer in fully vaccinated places (especially outdoors) and to me it is a wonderful feeling. I don't think that an all time record rainfall cutting short a program is a metaphor for the pandemic. And I think "palpable anxiety" reeks of someone projecting.

I of course still think that Broadway is moving too fast, because of the particular challenges it faces, but I don't feel that way about theatre in general (so long as the protocols are observed). And I think the trace on having 60000 people together outdoors yesterday will actually make folks feel better about events like that (in contrast to uncontrolled events like parades and marathons). I am happy when my hunches turn out to be right but you are overstating my hunch which was simply that we were reopening too many shows and way too many that rely on tourists beyond the region. We are of course still waiting for me to be proved wrong about the Broadway season since only one show has opened (and it is in essence a non-profit one). I am still very optimistic we can have the joy of live theatre this fall even if not on the terms Broadway has set it self up for. (Understand also that two things are key: fully vaccinated and masks indoors.)

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