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“ The concert was created to symbolize the end of the pandemic.

I would take some issue with that. ”

And I’d take issue with that. The article from today’s Washington Post that I just posted below literally has in its headline that the concert was meant to symbolize “Post-Pandemic Optimism”. Obviously by the day of the show no one thought the pandemic was over - but I could find dozens of similar articles and press releases from when the concert was conceived (back in May) and announced (back in July) with similar wording- long before the Delta variant numbers started skyrocketing and breakthrough outbreaks like in Provincetown and elsewhere became headline news, and back when Disney was privately insisting that while producers such as Jeffrey Seller could do what they wanted, Disney wouldn’t be requiring masks or proof of vaccination for their Broadway shows this fall.

So yes, no one is saying that the pandemic is decidedly over… but many were, in so many words (including our well-meaning, good-hearted, beleaguered President Biden) and in some cases those exact words, as recently as less than two months ago, and it’s in that spirit that this concert was put together in the first place. When man makes plans, God laughs.

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