re: Nothing about this will be legend.
Posted by: ryhog 06:38 pm EDT 08/22/21
In reply to: re: Nothing about this will be legend. - ShowGoer 04:19 pm EDT 08/22/21

You are correct (and I embrace the fact) that we have the ability to agree and disagree and in very close proximity. :-)

I agree with some of the things you have said here. A few "observations" though.

The crux of our differences on this topic arise from your hard tethering of the weather to covid. We are not going to agree on that: I don't believe in prospective metaphors and if there is one thing we should be able to agree on it is that we can't predict anything above covid (or the weather, but that's another matter). When I go to a Yankees game and there is a rain delay, I do not see it as an omen either.

I think I wrote this earlier (I don't feel like checking and maybe I just thought it) but I view Pass Over as (in essence at least) a nonprofit show. [Forbes has a sad habit of allowing painfully naive things from people who don't know what they are talking about in relation to theatre and the point you source to them is no exception. No one (or at least no one who is not a complete fool) is looking to make money and a lot of people involved are not even looking to get paid. It will run as long as they want it to run. Priority loans? ok, whatevs.] I would say the same thing about many of the other shows you mention (in the first category) and to the extent that is not the case, those shows are foolish undertakings. Some of course are actually nonprofit shows.

Finally (in line with what I said at the top) I think it is a stretch to suggest that the producers' "sadness" was about the pandemic. I am confident it was profound sadness because so much effort was extended for something wonderful and the weather interfered, something that is not novel. It was not the pandemic that interfered. I don't think the pandemic is going to interfere retroactively so to close the loop, but if it does (if this, improbably in my view, turns into a superspreader event), then I would use the word "harbinger" to describe what the weather foretold.

PS I saw your other post and I also don't agree. I think we are trying to learn to live with the virus, not have a farewell party for it. I think folks are just starting to wrap their heads around that "living with it" concept, a hard lesson as to which, as I have said, we have no choice. And yes I see joy in that process, just as I got joy from listening to Nessun Dorma (and considering the likely amplification in the park, hearing it better. :-))

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