re: "The Seagull" (2001) - Any experiences waiting for tickets?
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I had only been in NYC for a year, and had only attended JULIUS CAESAR the season before and (I believe?) MEASURE FOR MEASURE earlier that summer in terms of Shakespeare in the Park outings.

I was living just south of Canal Street on Lafayette Street (working at NYU) at the time so my friend Angie and I walked up to the Public on Lafayette and got there at 1 AM, somewhat early in the run. We weren't the first people in line, but close! I had my dog Dot with me and she kept us company.

We had blankets and nibbles and spent the time chatting and dozing--no laptops or smartphones then.

People were indeed friendly; there was no awful building next to the Public then, so the line snaked around the parking lot and down the block on the other side of the lot. I admit I get annoyed, though, when people seem to seek me out to ask "what are you all waiting in line for?" After getting asked that 50-100 times, you want to respond either "well, wait with us and find out!" or "if you have to ask, then it's not for you."

So it was my first night on the street in NYC--it was a twelve hour wait. We did indeed get tickets, and (as you got two each) the friends we took were very grateful they got tickets to the hottest show in town without having to wait in line. :)

So how was the show...?

It was honestly a thrill to be there, and see all the actors interact, but that was about it. Whatever THE SEAGULL is supposed to do as a piece of theater was completely missing and it was just about seeing the stars together on stage. Portman was especially disappointing as she had taken the town by storm a few seasons before in ANNE FRANK as I remember. I do remember sitting directly in front of Julianne Moore, who had worse seats than us, but likely did not have to wait in line. :)

Still hard to believe the Public got all those people together--not sure that'll ever happen again.

I'm so glad others have complained about that saxophone player guy--I like the IDEA of him playing, but his execution is HORRIBLE. First off--he honks away on that sax in a way that is hardly comforting--when he plays flute, that's much more suited for the experience. The yakety sax he plays is so LOUD and grates on your nerves and you have nowhere else to go. I have been tempted to give him a $20 and ask him to STOP playing for an hour. I don't remember if he was playing the night of the SEAGULL but...probably. :(

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