ALW's Cinderella cast recording
Posted by: ablankpage 02:11 pm EDT 08/23/21

I've tried twice now and I just can't hook into the score for Cinderella. I think part of the problem is the lyrics feel so generic and predictable and the melodies are so forgettable (except the melodic quote of R&H's "In My Own Little Corner" in "Bad Cinderella").

I loved Emerald Fennell's work on Promising Young Woman and Killing Eve, plus I remember reading that Scott Rudin was interested in a Broadway transfer, so I trust there's a smart musical in here somewhere. I love David Zippel's lyrics in City of Angels and The Goodbye Girl and for all my annoyances with Andrew Lloyd Webber, the man can definitely write an earworm when he wants to. Is this just something you have to see live to "get"? The reviews were pretty strong, but based on the album I'm just not getting it.


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