Isn’t Helen Hayes the only performer....?
Posted by: lordofspeech 09:10 pm EDT 08/23/21
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Isn’t Helen Hayes the only performer to have a theatre named after her? What does that say about the diversity of management and labor, for instance? Do we want to see that change?
Where’s the Mary Martin, Jason Robards, James Earl Jones, Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis, Merman, the Helen Gallagher, the Gwen Verdon, the Elizabeth Ashley. And...for directors, who are also hirelings....the Lloyd Richards?
It’s all such a matter of current times and politics and even fashion right now. Anything goes. But I wonder if there ever was a protocol.
Did someone say at one time that there should be theatres named after critics? I like the Eugene O’Neill. That one seems appropriate to his significance. The protocol seems to have to do with a certain size in relation to American theatre. Hence the August Wilson and even the critics of longevity.

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