But again, no one is celebrating. Not to beat a dead horse, but…
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I agreed with most of what you wrote in your longer response to me below, specifically with regard to this misbegotten concert attempt, which is why I didn’t answer you again there. Your baseball game rainout analogy was a good one, and you’re absolutely right that ‘metaphors’ have no more predictive power than ‘omens’, ‘superstitions’, or for that matter, hunches (yours or mine).

However, I guess my basic disagreement in premise is that it just seems there’s no question there’s been a definite change in the air, in the mood, headlines and general discourse, since barely 6 or 7 weeks ago, from the way (most) people were thinking and writing about the pandemic back then, and it seems like a real head-scratcher to basically say, “Well where we are right now is pretty much where we knew we be all along.” If you’re saying that what happened to the concert last weekend has no bearing on the fall and winter, well, then, neither does the celebratory mood at Shakespeare in the Park a month ago, or the swarms of people who WERE celebrating over July 4th (and there’s certainly no celebrating at Pass Over, which can barely give tickets away even after getting the reviews it got; as it turns out I will be able to see it even it closes before my performance in September, since they’re giving away so many tickets). Yes, there are articles like the one you linked, or the Sanjay Gupta one I referenced, or countless others going back months, whose general idea is “How we proceed with our lives” or “Learning to live with it.”

But that’s a very different place from “Biden’s partial declaration of victory over the virus in July”, as news organizations are referencing it even today. The concert-as-metaphor headlines didn’t hinder things, but they certainly didn’t help. And with Fauci now saying that “the pandemic will not be under control until spring 2022” (and only IF we convince the majority of vaccine holdouts)… with banners like “Fauci corrects earlier predictions”, and “Fauci: “I have to apologize” even on the SAME DAY that Pfizer gets full FDA approval… well, that’s simply a different timeline, a vastly different headline, and a far different mindset than what people were saying and feeling just at the beginning of last month… before Delta spread so much, before outbreaks like Provincetown, before Garth Brooks, BTS, Nine Inch Nails, Stevie Nicks and many others began canceling concert tours over the past week, before theaters coast to coast from Berkeley Rep to Signature Theater began once again canceling fall productions this month, and before little headlines, everything from Laura Osnes to Jesse Jackson to yes, the Homecoming Concert began affecting people’s thinking in gradual but significant ways. And I think it’s going to affect live theater this fall in a truly disastrous way. I’m depressed as hell about it but as I said, a) I’m ordinarily an optimist, and b) while this is obviously contradictory, I’ve also never been more certain of anything.

I’ll suspend the argument/discussion and temper my (hopefully temporary) doomsaying until another new thread, since this is getting far down the board, by saying once again I pray that somehow I’m wrong, but I’ll link another article from today here (with a few quotes in case you can’t get behind the paywall):
“ Arts performances have returned, albeit in far smaller numbers than is typical in a Chicago fall. But audiences will need to be vaccinated and masked. Many Chicagoans are willing to comply for everyone’s safety, but there is no question that the mood in the seats and on the lawns has been chilled. The kinds of escapist entertainment that we were assuming everyone would want now feels not just premature but maybe even tone-deaf. And audiences so far have tended to be small. No, we’re not back.”
Link Alas, no time for celebration. The delta variant has made sure of that.

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