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Posted by: ryhog 10:08 am EDT 08/24/21
In reply to: But again, no one is celebrating. Not to beat a dead horse, but… - ShowGoer 08:07 am EDT 08/24/21

Perhaps along the way our assessments of things have crossed, and our willingness to celebrate have been skewed. (Fwiw I also recognize that a lot of the larger pronouncements and events are overselling what I see as the scale of what we are to expect.) As you know, all along, I have been saying that Broadway should be coming back slowly and with a local/regional focus. That's not what is happening and (I hope I am wrong) the result is going to be a bloodbath for a significant portion of the shows (re)opening, followed by a longer than necessary skittishness based on that. Beyond that, I would observe that, as with many other things, we are confronting a tale of two countries. One part is in the middle of a self-inflicted crisis, the other part is basically doing pretty well. I think we would have cause for celebration were it not for the insane rush to reopen, including especially shows that have virtually no chance of making it without tourists. We knew this before the July "partial victory." When I walk down 9th Ave (an area in which residents are almost 100% vaccinated), what I see is a robust restaurant scene that is not dependent on tourists. That is a picture of what I think we should be seeing on Broadway. That is not what is about to happen and that's sad.

Now let me just add a word about Pass Over. I think it is a hugely significant show, both for what it has to say and also for what it represents. But (as I have said) I also think it is a nonprofit show in a commercial Broadway theatre. I understand why Jordan et al wanted to make this happen and had the wherewithal to do so, but I also think that, realistically, the results would have been disappointing pre-pandemic, much in the nature of, say, Anna in the Tropics. What this show does is show us how to live with covid in a responsible way, imo, even if it is not showing us how to make money.

I'll leave it at that for now except to add that my sense, from personal conversations and watching video of people in the park pre-deluge, a lot of folks were having a fine time even if you unfortunately were not. (I think the same divergence happens with the dining out experience. I have friends who say they are tense whenever they have gone out, which others (including me) are not.

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