In this day and age does it feel like something of a dated "gag"?
Posted by: portenopete 10:27 am EDT 08/24/21
In reply to: When did they stop billing the Mary Sunshine actor with only an initial? (nm) - writerkev 09:47 am EDT 08/24/21

It's been awhile since I've seen Chicago, so I can't remember what the revelation about Mary Sunshine is? Is she revealed to be a man in drag as a way of undermining her reputation?

It feels to me like the wink-wink nature of the traditional billing is something from another era.

Mind you, so does the whole conception of the character. I imagine the average Chicago attendee is on the older side and probably will still get a kick out of it, but I'd expect the thought police might be out in force complaining that Mary Sunshine is an offensive, anti-trans stereotype.

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