Now 50% / 20 Reviews
Posted by: WaymanWong 01:09 am EDT 09/11/21
In reply to: 53% / 17 Reviews - Singapore/Fling 02:47 pm EDT 09/10/21

These reviews may be early, but I wouldn't call them ''meaningless'' either, especially the industry ones, from Variety, Deadline.com, etc.

Conversely, if ''Evan Hansen'' scored in the high 90s at Rotten Tomatoes, no doubt its studio would be thrilled with the universal acclaim.

By the way, the poster for ''Evan Hansen'' promotes it as ''an honest and original story.'' Is that meant to be genuine or ironic?

''Honest''? Evan Hansen's story is built on a slippery slope with an avalanche of lies that has most everyone snowed under. ;)

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