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Unlike most adaptations, this one seems to arrive with a panoply of unexpected triggers in the material, its execution, and (more predictably) its casting. I read all of the major publications, and the consensus seems less than mixed so far. I'm intrigued how disturbed many critics are by the plot, which -- my memory could be fuzzy -- didn't seem to garner such scrutiny on B'way. Yes, there was much discussion about the sustained lie in a protagonist, a reservation, but the actual turns in the story weren't parsed as harshly. New -- again, to my ears -- the criticism that the piece exploits suicide. I hadn't heard so much of that, and now it's drawn quite a bit of vitriol for (supposed) insensitivity. The "You Will Be Found" moment, beloved by fans, gets a going over in two reviews. The attack on Platt's casting is the one piece of the equation that might've been expected. Some reviews are fine with his overall impact, but many -- NY Mag/Vulture -- are as disturbed as the social media wags last summer. I thought the trailer was mild -- it looked very straight-to-cable to me rather than a big release -- but hardly a fiasco. This has to be a dark week for the entire collaborative team. And Platt.

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