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"When Connor's parents confront him with the letter, he tells them the truth but Connor's mother won't accept it."

This very moment is in the first trailer, and for some of my friends, it is the moment the show itself strains, never to recover. Evan has about 15 seconds to waver, and doesn't. I didn't ponder its accuracy in the Music Box, suspending disbelief, but others had issues. Some of the world's best stories are lie constructs; yet this tale requires the protagonist to keep embellishing the lie, amplifying and ornamenting the original with detail, rendered in heart-tugging songs. On stage, it's compelling because it's so perverse and sad. But as I pore over the reviews, it's possible to imagine how this push in the plot sticks in the audience's craw. When I look at Platt's pasty face, covered in base that seems a shade lighter, and his odd curls (his hair that looks wiggy), I get the visceral reactions. It seems to require a pile-up of disbelief suspension.

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