Aaron Tveit: Sometimes Serious, Other Times Funny
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There's an interview with Paul Wontorek where Aaron jokes around and smiles a lot. He tells a story about how he shaved his head once at some point when Graceland was on hiatus and then had to be fitted with a wig when filming of the final episode resumed.

In Catch Me If You Can I believe there is a scene where a bevy of female flight attendants are about to have their way with Aaron. As they pull him down behind a piece of scenery, he cracks a big smile just before he disappears from view.

In June, 2009 Aaron was allowed to make a brief (about 30 seconds), spontaneous appearance during a lighter moment of Morning Joe. Mika and Joe had caught a performance of Next to Normal, praised Aaron's performance profusely, and played "I'm Alive" as background music on their broadcast the day after the Tonys. Later that week a producer of the show let Aaron into their guest room. During a banter segment, he surprised Mika from behind, gave her a hug, looked into the camera, cracked a big smile, and thanked them all for their kind words. I remember he was dressed in sweat pants, baseball sleeves, and sneakers.

I've met Aaron 3 times at various stage doors after Next to Normal, Hairspray, and Catch Me If You Can. He tends to be very serious and polite, listens when I say something nice about the show and his performance, signs my playbill, and then thanks me for supporting the show. A very nice guy, seems to take his responsibilities very seriously. He's just the opposite of guys like Nathan Lane, Martin Short, and especially Robin Williams, who (every time I met them) joked around and had me laughing in stitches.

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