Even the play's description is overwrought
Posted by: Showtunegal 08:16 am EDT 09/13/21
In reply to: Do you generally dislike monologues? - Leon_W 07:39 am EDT 09/13/21

I haven't seen these plays, though I am an Atlantic subscriber. I knew I didn't want to go when I read the pretentious free verse description of the play on the theater's website. When something takes itself that seriously and is so pretentiously written, I take it as a warning. To Leon W's question, above, I agree multiple monologues that work together to tell a story can be amazing--think of Brian Friel, the master of that form. And to student_rush's point, three of my worst evenings of theater ever came in one act plays that felt interminable, where I had a middle seat near the front, and didn't dare leave and disturb both the actors and audience.
Link Last of the Love Letters at the Atlantic

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