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Posted by: toros 02:39 pm EDT 09/13/21
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I adored Sanctuary City, from beginning to end. The plot was fascinating - an undocument worker wants to marry his female friend, (who's been abused by her mother's boyfriend,) so he can stay in this country. When she comes to him for "sanctuary" after a beating, their relationship evolves, and she moves in with him. But she learns that he's gay, and his boyfriend does not want him to marry someone else, as he wants to marry him himself. It's powerful, timely and touching. It's won high-profile awards, and is written by a Pulitzer Prize winner. Statements like "no reason to exist and absolutely no reason to be produced," are foolish. If you didn't like it, fine, but don't "deny" others the opportunity to experience it. Also, there was a program. Ushers no longer hand them out - there was a pile when you entered. The terrific actors are Jasai Chase-Owens and Sharlene Cruz as the young friends, and Austin Smith as the boyfriend. Theatregoers, check out Sanctuary City and make up your own mind. As for "has nothing changed?," apparently not, as ridiculous posts like this one continue.

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