How is Jordan Roth continuing to read the room wrong?
Posted by: BroadwayJunky 09:27 am EDT 09/14/21

First off, this is nothing again Jordan personally. I know he's a wonderfully loving human being.....but seriously folks:

The theatre industry - on stage and behind the curtain - has been HURTING so HORRIBLY - losing jobs, incomes, families and most importantly hope.

And here we go again, after a one year hiatus on social media for being slammed for flaunting his privilege, wealth and, um, fashion - he appears to have wiped it all away and is back at it.

Jordan is a PRESIDENT of one of the most prestigious theatrical organizations ever. Instead of doing runway shows, why isn't he out front and center offering hope and guidance and solutions to his beloved industry that has SUFFERED so very much?

But instead we get a Met Gala? And we're supposed to bow our heads and applaud the length of his hair?

Now more than ever, we need LEADERS. And Jordan was the shining light of a brand new generation of artists and makers. If he wants to be in the fashion industry, then godspeed and god bless him - I mean that seriously - he is extremely talented in that world!

I hope people can see this perspective. While Jordan promotes INCLUSIVITY. He certain is not promoting SENSITIVITY.


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