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Posted by: BroadwayJunky 10:24 am EDT 09/14/21
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that has nothing to do with devil's advocate. I personally know 2 of the producers who worked dilligently to get that show up and running.
And while, yes, he did open it in his theatre - he followed it 100% with his own self-promotion.

Do you not remember what the criticism was of him pre-pandemic?
Do you think he listened to that? Not being contrary, but honestly?

I have zero against Jordan or his abilities to promote himself and his fashion. He is not, however, the President of Givenchy or Louis Vitton.

He's the President of JUMJANCYN - one of the most powerful theatre owners!

What I'm saying...again....is that what would be REALLY HELPFUL - is if he stepped up and lead our industry.
So instead of all the fashion posts on IG, what if he posted:

"Hey my theatre makers, I promise you I will help us get through this. I know the last year has been awful, but just hang in there and know your Uncle Jordan is working 24/7 to get our theatres up and running. I love you all. Stay strong."

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