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Posted by: PurpleMoney 11:42 am EDT 09/14/21
In reply to: Come on, what else did you see? nmi - Ann 08:59 am EDT 09/14/21

I saw a mixture of shows. Probably should have seen Anything Goes or Carousel as well if I had time

In order with a one brief comment:
2:22 A Ghost Story - Lily Allen was perfect
Be More Chill - Bill Kentwright ugh!
Constellations - with two men including Russell Tovey
Leopoldstadt - Interesting but not satisfying
Hairspray - Michael Ball has still got it
Back To The Future - Was more than I expected
Pretty Woman - I had to see it again. I hit the marks but lacked a leading man.
The Prince of Egypt - Moses understudy forgot he's not playing a British character.
Frozen - Samantha Barks fell on her butt during Let It Go. I felt bad but that was the highlight of the show for me.
Waitress - The show is in Wimbledon. I went to see Lucie Jones and was thrilled. George Crawford playing Ogie was a revelation
Back To The Future - Row L in dress circle house left. The show is not recommend from here.
Back To The Future - Using up my TodayTix credit with the perfect seat
Cinderella - ALW has done it again. Nice costumes but overall a painful afternoon in the theatre
Pippin - Last minute decision to book at the Charing Cross. The downsized cast works well but I kept thinking about the last Broadway revival.

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