Suggestions for a place to donate vintage sheet music and vinyl record albums
Posted by: Quicheo 05:59 pm EDT 09/14/21

A friend of mine is moving into a retirement community. He had previously inherited his grandmother's sheet music collection, mostly single sheet songs from the 1900s - 1940s when she herself passed away. She was a master's level pianist and like many of the time enjoyed collecting popular songs from vaudeville, early Broadway, and other sources.

As he is downsizing, he is looking for a home for these songs as well as his well-kept vinyl collection of some 300 records including Broadway and classical music from the 1950s to the present.

He is not interested in making money, only in finding a home for these well-loved items. Local libraries in our midwestern town have turned him down, mostly due to low staff availability just now. He must find a home by the end of the month as he is moving from his spacious house to a much smaller apartment.

Coincidentally, I am driving into New York to help a friend move her things and to pick up some treasures from another friend. I would be happy to bring his collections with me and deliver them anywhere along I-80 from Chicago to New York.

I know people have made many recommendations for donations of various kinds in the past, but I don't remember suggestions for collections like these.

Any ideas?

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