I was at Chicago
Posted by: Showtunegal 07:53 pm EDT 09/15/21
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Walter Bobbie came out before the curtain went up and made a wonderful speech, saying "Isn't this a great way to celebrate 25 years?" and talking a bit about the original, and how the show we were about to see was Ann Reinking's legacy--that she was with us, on the stage, somewhere. And then an enormously crisp and vital show started--with NONE of the feeling of a long run and all the energy of an opening night. Paulo Szot was a wonderful Billy Flynn, with his gorgeous voice, and I enjoyed watching his sort of non-dancing. Lillias White, of course, knew how to milk every moment of "When You're Good to Mama," and I loved Raymond Bokhour's Mr. Cellophane--he was so lovable and poignant! The best I'd seen in the role. I personally found Bianca Marroqin's Velma to be slightly weak, but I saw Bebe Neuwirth in the role twice, and of course hear her on the cast recording, and she's a tough act to be compared to. I had forgotten how funny the show is--tons of laughs, perfectly timed, in spite of the fact that so many of these performers haven't been in front of an audience for so long. The leads were given roses, rose petals fell from the rafters during the curtain call, and we all got a rose, too, as we left the theater.

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