What's in a name?
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Regardless of what it's called or what it's about, I hope I'll get to see it ASAP. News about a new Sondheim show is always cause for celebration.

Back in 2016, Michael Riedel in the Post had reported that Sondheim and Ives' new musical, based on Luis Bunuel's films, was called ''Bunuel.''

I was fortunate enough to email Sondheim and he later set the record straight for BroadwayWorld.com:

''For your info (feel free to be the first on your block to report it): 'Buñuel' was never the title of the show. That was just misreporting by Michael Riedel (surprise, surprise), whose spy at the Public thought the file name was the title. (We don't have one yet.)''

Since there was no title, I jokingly suggested a couple to Sondheim: ''Everybody Loves Luis'' or ''Sing Out, Luis!''

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