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There are rights issues and licensing fees with downloads and streaming just like with physical CDs and DVDs. No service can afford to make them available forever.

The ultimate horror story is what happened to the complete original score re-recordings of Aaron Copland's Our Town and Of Mice and Men. Naxos Records finally raised sufficient funds to reconstruct and make complete recordings of both scores. Naxos had been in communication with the Copland estate for a considerable period of time and was under the impression that both parties were in agreement. When the recordings were completed, the Copland estate blocked their release on CD, although downloads of both scores were available initially.

I'm still a CD guy. I intended to purchase the downloads and have someone transfer them to CD, but I procrastinated a little and then the downloads were no longer available.

Similar recordings that are in limbo as far as a CD release because of licensing issues are Frank Sinatra's vocals for Three Coins in the Fountain and the original music tracks and elements for Elmer Bernstein's score for To Kill a Mockingbird. Apparently Nancy and Tina want big bucks for Fountain. There is also a rumor that the Peck estate is blocking Mockingbird, possibly because there are various existing re-recordings of the score still in print. That last statement is speculation on my part that I have gleaned from various message boards.

Some of the estates are under the delusion that huge sums of money are to be made from these recordings, which are treasured by collectors (like me), but are of no interest to the population at large. The truth is that if they do happen, most likely it will be via a negotiated release of 1000 or 1500 units which would allow the respective labels to make a small profit if they sell all the units. Just IMO. I do communicate regularly with various CD labels, but I have no inside information.

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