Sunday’s Curtain Up Concert
Posted by: BroadwayPhan 01:16 pm EDT 09/19/21

Watching this morning’s Curtain Up concert made me miss the Broadway on Broadway concerts of years past that happened around Labor Day to mark the beginning of the new season.

Anybody know why they discontinued those annual concerts? Could today’s concert open the door for the resumption in future years - particularly with the pedestrian plazas now?

As nice as it was to see the concert, seeing it after the online clips of West End Live made me feel this was also a bit of a missed opportunity for Broadway. West End Live had more ensembles, more major leads, and many costumed performances. It almost felt that the Curtain Up concert lacked the feel of a major celebration. West End Live had a lot of energy. Does it get too cost-prohibitive to do something even bigger than what we saw today for Broadway?

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