Ridiculous post
Posted by: ShowGoer 06:51 am EDT 09/20/21
In reply to: Funny Girl with Beanie Feldstein will bomb - bobby2 03:31 am EDT 09/20/21

She’s miscast as Monica (in my opinion).
But regardless, to say she’s clearly “not up to the task”, let alone that this entire production will bomb, based on 2 episodes of an unrelated TV show, is the height of uniformed and overly reductive ridiculousness.

It’d be like saying because Lou Diamond Phillips didn’t come off as an Academy-award-worthy actor in “Young Guns”, his production of “The King and I” was sure to go down in flames (people did say that, and it didn’t, and he was nominated for all kinds of awards, and the show lasted after he departed) …
or that because “Kristin” and “Encore! Encore!” and “Bunheads” failed on television, Kristin Chenoweth and Nathan Lane and Sutton Foster clearly had no viable future in carrying an entire show by themselves.

(Or, alternatively, that because Lauren Ambrose was amazing in “Six Feet Under” and Keri Russell amazing in “The Americans”, they were sure to set box offices on fire and win awards for “My Fair Lady” and “Burn This”).

Apples and oranges, and nothing is ever necessarily that simple.

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