re: Linda Tripp's Own Description of Herself
Posted by: portenopete 05:49 pm EDT 09/20/21
In reply to: Linda Tripp's Own Description of Herself - BroadwayTonyJ 05:29 pm EDT 09/20/21

It's more than an "opinion": it's a value judgment.

"Mess" is a hard word to quantify; "ugly" is a harshly subjective descriptor; "overweight" is overweight: many overweight people- MOST overweight people- are not slovenly.

I am not defending Linda Tripp's character or actions. But I expect that a good bit of why she was so reviled was because of her decidedly non-conforming physical attributes and fashion choices. "Non-conforming" in comparison to the women we are accustomed to seeing on television.

I have no doubt she considered herself unattractive. I imagine that lacerating self-image was informed by years of feeling that people considered her slovenly.

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