re: Here we go again...
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Yes, as you say, " the original poster's words were described as 'offensively judgmental and nasty'" but I don't agree with what you then said, that the poster was called nasty. Those are two different things.

portenopete was truly offended by the word as it was applied and I think it's okay for them to express it. I don't feel anyone was shut down - maybe if it was a different poster, but I know BroadwayTonyJ can address someone pointing out an issue with what he posted. He certainly didn't back down. (And yes, I would have said the same thing to his face - that I disagreed with the use of the word in that context, which I still do, and that it can be something that has real life implications.)

I guess you have the last word on the definition of the word! :)

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