re: Funny Girl with Beanie Feldstein will bomb
Posted by: hugoP 10:30 am EDT 09/21/21
In reply to: Funny Girl with Beanie Feldstein will bomb - bobby2 03:31 am EDT 09/20/21

While I'm not quite sold on IMPEACHMENT yet, I'm still watching. let's see...

I disagree on Feldstein in HELLO DOLLY. I thought she was wonderful. I had originally gone to it as a chance to see Bette and a chance to see a faithful re-creation of a real, honest-to-goodness Jerry Herman spectacle. I loved the whole production, and Bette, while great, was just one of many things I thought was first-rate.

Feldstein was a bit of a revelation, though. I had never seen Minnie Fay done that way, and I was delighted by her. Had never heard of her before and the audience noticed her, too (a lot of the intermission chatter was about what a surprise she was).

Side note: seated right behind me was Quentin Tarantino that night. He was gracious to everyone and stayed seated during intermission, talking with all of his fans (me included). He said he loves musicals, and I asked him why he hadn't directed one....he said, "you really think someone's gonna green light Quentin Tarantino's HELLO DOLLY?"

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