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I also think the "Lea Michele Train" (and I love that turn of phrase!) was derailed by the storyline in a later season of GLEE in which her character was, rather improbably, cast as Fanny in a Broadway revival of the show. Because of the typically poor writing on GLEE by that point, it was never clear if the bits and pieces of Fanny that we were seeing were the character Rachel's take on the role or Lea Michele's. And what we saw was...not good.

What I was expecting from that storyline was an arc about how high school glee club star Rachel somehow landed in a Broadway show and discovered that she was completely out of her depth because she had little experience acting or doing any kind of actual performance other than via her high school glee club and the, perhaps, one semester of drama school that she did in NYC prior to quitting to do the Broadway show. This angle would have dovetailed nicely with the performance we saw, which was Michele giving her best Streisand impersonation. And it would have allowed the writers and Michele to completely re-evaluate the character of Rachel and send her off in a completely new direction.

Unfortunately, GLEE was not interested in anything remotely resembling any kind of reality.

At one point, the character Santana, played by Naya Rivera, was Michele's character's standby in the show and I'd have been much more interested in Rivera's take on the role, which likely would've been something other than a straight (LOL!) impersonation of Streisand.

Had I been putting together a revival, I'd have been extremely hesitant to even consider Lea Michele, simply based on what I'd seen on GLEE. And, if I did invite her to audition, she'd have had twice as difficult a task as anyone else, because she'd have had to show that she was capable of actually playing the role of Fanny in some way other than what I'd seen on TV, and not just aping Streisand, down to each inflection of every line.

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