Changing over from Ticketmaster to Seat Geek
Last Edit: Leon_W 05:56 pm EDT 09/21/21
Posted by: Leon_W 05:53 pm EDT 09/21/21

So some shows and venues have swapped from Ticketmaster to Seat Geek. Wicked and American Utopia and venues like Barclays Center for example. Just a heads up that you may need to link your Ticketmaster account to a Seat Geek account to transfer tickets over that were sold by one company that are now owned by the other. I am waiting for an email tomorrow to tell me how to do this but they said it takes two minutes. It’s needed because my tickets will disappear from the Ticketmaster app they said. Anyway watch out for email notifications about this from venues. Some shows that have already switched over are selling tickets in Ticketmaster still but they are resale tickets. I think that will get shut down at some point.

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