Dear Evan Hansen movie (possible spoilers) / calm down :)
Posted by: dannyone11 06:08 pm EDT 09/21/21

I was able to see a screener of Dear Evan Hansen and as a big fan of the musical (seeing it multiple times) I was very satisfied with the incarnation. The cast is all GREAT and I am extremely happy that Ben Platt's historic performance is preserved for everyone to enjoy. If you like Ben he does not disappoint. It's a more introverted performance as they seem to have made Evan even more damaged than he comes across in the musical. . Yep..he does look older than a high school kid as there is a lot of close camera work but I kept thinking I still liked Glee (how old were they?) and the RENT movie with most of the original cast as well thank g-d. You just need to go with it. This movie is NOT for critics and cranky people. A few songs were cut like that glove song that I would cringe over or Disappear but all my favorites are there like If I Could Tell Her and the other key songs. . There's a new Connor song that is ok and fits the revised ending while the new Alana song wasn't so memorable. Extra yey to Julianne Moore's So Big / So Small which was heartbreaking as it should be. While a lot of the locations for the songs are true to the play...it is a little weird when they just start singing in a dining room, kitchen or bedroom. Sincerely Me was excellent and a high point for me as it should be while Words Fail is still devastating even though its sung in a real living room. Bottom line is that I would have been just as (or even more) happy to see a filmed version of the original cast on stage as they have wonderfully preserved Hamilton. Its time for more producers to wake up to the fact that few people have $200+ for tickets to see broadway shows or travel to NY. They could be even more successful courting streaming services that can cover the cost to preserve the original casts performances thus making our Broadway actors legitimate stars for the masses. Imagine if there was a Lincoln Center Library streaming channel. My two cents. Thus F the critics. Thank you Ben Platt. You are a gift to us all. It was a good day when I saw the movie and it will be a good day again when I watch it next time.

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