Tony Yazbeck at 54 Below - Sensational
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So glad to make my first foray back to the cabaret scene since 2020 with Tony Yazbeck at 54 Below. I enjoyed it so much as did the rest of the packed house. Yazbeck's song interpretations and vocals are so beautiful and heartfelt I feel that they deserve equal attention in his "triple threat" status , though in many reviews they often take a back seat to his dazzling feet. Tony and his guest stars Phillip Attmore and Michelle Dorrance ignited a crowd that was all too ready to be entertained. And the music direction and arrangements by Jerome Korman are top notch. It was a great evening. I agree wholeheartedly with the linked review which goes into more detail about specific numbers. I left incredibly impressed, hopeful about the return of live theatre and cabaret, and full of joy.
Link https://www.broadwayworld.com/cabaret/article/BWW-Review-TONY-YAZBECK-Gloriously-Dances-Through-Life-at-54-Below-20210922

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