re: The drama behind 'Slave Play': Will any of its actors pick up Tonys, too?
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The play categories are much more interesting than the musical categories, because I agree with the previous article that Moulin Rouge will dominate, winning Best Musical, Leading Actor, Featured Actor, Director, Choreography, Orchestrations, and the four design awards. Jagged Little Pill win probably pick up Best Book and Featured Actress, and Tina will win Leading Actress. Book and Orchestrations are the only two where I think there's any significant possibility of someone else winning.

The play awards have more uncertainty. One of the big question marks is whether voters will really sit out categories where they didn't see all the nominees. Pre-pandemic, I think Slave Play, The Inheritance, and A Soldier's Play were the only fall/winter shows that would have gotten much Tony buzz, so I think many voters would have not have seen the other productions. This will really show in Leading Actor, which is completely up in the air IMO. The nominees are

Ian Barford, Linda Vista
Andrew Burnap, The Inheritance
Jake Gyllenhaal, Sea Wall/A Life
Tom Hiddleston, Betrayal
Tom Sturridge, Sea Wall/A Life
Blair Underwood, A Soldier's Play

How many voters actually saw all six of them? I think Burnap has a good shot because his performance was probably the most widely seen, and the nominators did him a favor by keeping his castmates out of the category. Hiddleston is probably the frontrunner, though, but I think Gyllenhaal is also possible. I personally think Barford deserves to win, of the productions I saw. And if the only voters really are people who've seen all 6 nominees, he might have a shot.

I think Slave Play will win Best Play, Director, Leading Actress, Scenic Design, and Costume Design. I think The Inheritance will win Featured Actor, Featured Actress, and Lighting Design. The Sound Inside might win Sound Design, although this might also go to The Inheritance. A Soldier's Play will win Best Revival.

The other big question mark is Best Score, none of which would have any possibility of winning in a normal year. The nominees are
A Christmas Carol
The Inheritance
The Rose Tattoo
Slave Play
The Sound Inside

Who knows? I'm guessing The Inheritance because it's the only score I remember at all of the shows I saw, although I didn't see A Christmas Carol, which some are predicting.

It's weird to think of these shows as "new." The fall of 2019 seems like a lifetime ago. I guess better late than never for what is officially being recognized as the "2020 Tony Awards," but I am guessing the interest level in the awards, even for hardcore theatergoers, is extremely low (outside of those with personal involvement, of course).

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