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Posted by: jero 12:55 pm EDT 09/23/21
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I watched it last night and really enjoyed it-more than I should have considering how finicky I can be. At the outset I totally understood the Math teacher-6 weeks to become fabulous instead of working to hone a craft would normally grate on me and at first she seemed to be about hard work and not fantasy wishing. That she caved on her wanting more for Dean and took on his 'one chance at a big night' as a cause rang untrue but I guess you needed some conflict. Stakes lite? But Jamie was a hard worker even if his work wasn't geared toward an ultimate goal. The treatment of Dean's character was interesting in that he could look past his moment and he wasn't a total beat-the-freak-to-a-pulp ass. He seemed more like a bully-lite. the father ALMOST broke through and I thought that touch was, well, interesting. Normally I'd balk at 'stupid adults' who wouldn't face reality, but Jamie's mum was selfless and only had his well being in mind, unlike another popular teen show making the rounds, so I think this relationship too would be 'lite' but I thought it was ok. The drag performer/mentor was handled with a sensitivity that surprised me. The way Jamie quoted him smacked of a realness for an impressionable 16 year old. I really enjoyed the non-jukebox music and especially loved the staging of numbers and the way they were filmed. I finished feeling good which surprised me!

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