Same-sex middle couple?
Posted by: theatreguy40 01:23 pm EDT 09/23/21
In reply to: Out of the Box Theatrics announces return engagement for site-specific production of BABY starring Julia Murney - Official_Press_Release 11:23 am EDT 09/23/21

A little confused here by the announcement of BABY's middle couple (Nicki and Pam) being a same-sex couple... As far as I remember, as written and originally performed - the whole story about the middle couple revolves around them and the number of times they have to have sex (physical intercourse) to conceive a baby -- and the strain it puts on their relationship since it feels so "mechanical". Since that doesn't really apply to a same-sex couple -- what exactly is their "story"? Has the show been re-written as far as their plot line? Not putting out any judgment here about same sex vs. heterosexual couples -- just wondering how the script had to change and who exactly changed it?

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