re: Chicago being updated?
Posted by: Delvino 04:29 pm EDT 09/23/21
In reply to: Chicago being updated? - jeffef 04:21 pm EDT 09/23/21

I went to Chicago the emotional night of September 14, and it was the same production, spruced up, with two former co-stars in supporting roles (Lillias White almost walking away with the evening), and new leads. It was in great shape, having been rebooted in the rehearsal room and rehearsed from the ground up. As of 9/14, no changes. I thought the on stage titular sign looked different, and learned it was new. The text hasn't been altered, and if Bobbie changed the staging, there were no major adjustments. (In fairness: I haven't seen this iteration since the 90s.) If the show were to be redone for the November anniversary, one would image this return after 18 months would have been the opportunity.

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