Interesting point of view on Dear Evan Hansen movie from the LA Times
Posted by: mikem 10:47 am EDT 09/24/21

The LA Times has an interesting commentary on the DEH film vs stage show. The LA Times has only a limited number of articles you can see each month, so to summarize: the author says that she thinks the film version thrusts the teens' story too much forward and forgets about the parents. "Does Anyone Need a Map?," "Good for You," and the glove song are sung by the parents and are missing. In particular, the author says that the film downplays Heidi's struggles as she tries to be the best mother she can be while raising her child alone and struggling financially.
Link https://www.latimes.com/entertainment-arts/movies/story/2021-09-23/dear-evan-hansen-movie-changes-stage-show

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