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Posted by: ryhog 09:23 pm EDT 09/25/21
In reply to: JLP response - Ncassidine 06:00 pm EDT 09/25/21

It's a statement written by PR people and unless they have engaged someone other than their theatrical press agents, it seems pretty tone deaf in terms of the current (and recent) crises they have confronting them. They have also engaged a niche law/consulting firm that does work in the DEI area (which I would have assumed they had already engaged long before this but maybe not in light of the mess they have themselves in now) but the Nora Schell matter is not some novel issue that has only been highlighted recently and that needs specialized counsel; it is a basic labor law matter: if an employee tells you they urgently need an operation, there has never been a principle of labor law (or human decency) that afford any leeway in this situation.

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