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You may not "mean to rag on the Merm," as you then do for three paragraphs, but I have to question your comment that Mary Martin was "every bit the established star that Merman was" at the time of her Annie Oakley portrayal.

At the time of Mary Martin taking out the tour of ANNIE GET YOUR GUN in October, 1947, she had the following Broadway credentials:

• LEAVE IT TO ME! (1938), supporting role, in which she introduced "My Heart Belongs to Daddy"
• ONE TOUCH OF VENUS (1943), lead, in which she introduced "I'm A Stranger Here Myself," "Speak Low," and "That's Him"
• LUTE SONG (1946), lead, playing a role named "Tchao-Ou-Niang," no lasting songs and basically a flop.

When Ethel Martin opened in ANNIE GET YOUR GUN in May 1946 on Broadway, she had the following credentials (incomplete song list):

• GIRL CRAZY (1930), a spectacular debut, supporting role introducing "Sam & Delilah," "Boy, What Love Has Done To Me," and "I Got Rhythm"
• GEORGE WHITE'S SCANDALS (1931), supporting role introducing "Life Is Just A Bowl of Cherries"
• TAKE A CHANCE (1932) supporting role introducing "Eadie Was A Lady"
• ANYTHING GOES (1934) lead role introducing – well, you know
• RED, HOT AND BLUE (1936) lead role introducing "Down In The Depths," "It's De-Lovely," "Ridin' High," "Red, Hot and Blue"
• STARS IN YOUR EYES (1939) lead role introducing "This Is It," "A Lady Needs A Change"
• DUBARRY WAS A LADY (1939) lead role introducing "But In the Morning, No," "Do I Love You?," "Give Him The Oo-La-La," "Katie Went to Haiti," "Friendship"
• PANAMA HATTIE (1940) lead role introducing "My Mother Would Love You," "I've Still Got My Health," "Let's Be Buddies," "Make It Another Old-Fashioned Please"
• SOMETHING FOR THE BOYS (1943) lead role introducing "Something For The Boys," "Hey, Good Lookin'," "He's A Right Guy," "The Leader of a Big-Time Band," "By The Mississinewa"

Also, for the record, Judy Garland was in her late (not early) 20s during her work on the MGM film.

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